ThermoGroup BG is one of the leading Bulgarian manufacturers of modern heating systems, headquartered in Dobrich, Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2010, and as of today it has a well-developed dealer network with representative offices in Sofia, Varna, Blagoevgrad, Ruse, and an exclusive representative in Romania.

Apart from manufacturing, ThermoGroup BG acts as a direct distributor of their products. The household appliances made by the company — electric heating boilers in a variety of configurations — are sold well in Bulgaria and many other countries of the European Union.

In order to promote their production and establish new business contacts, the ThermoGroup BG participates actively in large international fairs and business forums, such as Romtherm (2015, Bucharest), International Fair in Plovdiv (2016), and others.

The main feature of electric heating boilers designed by ThermoGroup BG, which makes them popular not only in the manufacturer’s homeland but also abroad, is their revolutionary compactness attained by the company’s qualified technologists. Along with this, the boilers don’t yield to competitors’ products in other basic characteristics and are available at budget-friendly prices.

In 2012, the appliances made by ThermoGroup BG were tested by the Center for Testing and European Certification and eventually recognized as compliant with EU standards of quality. As of today, the company has got certificates for the boilers with a rated power of 3 kW to 30 kW. Apart from the main products, ThermoGroup BG offers a wide range of components for heating boilers, such as pressure sensors, relief valves, pumps, wires, pressure gauges, contactors, automatic fuses, and others.


Considering that ThermoGroup BG is a relatively young company, we were aiming to create a web resource that would decently represent them and capture attention of potential buyers with its attractive design and informative content.

In the development process, we followed a classic hub-and-spokes site structure with a homepage and five submenu pages — “About us”, “Our products”, “Documents”, “Events” and “Contact us”.

The main page welcomes the visitors with its bright and simple interface built of blocks with brief information about the company and their products, an upcoming events block, an easy to understand navigation menu, and a stylish footer with contact details and a city panorama on the background.

The “About us” page allows visitors to find out more about ThermoGroup BG, their field of activity and competitive advantages. The “Our products” page provides a potential client with a detailed information about the household appliances made by the company, their technical specifications, configurations, dimensions, and, what is also very important, with colorful and attractive photos in large format.

On the “Documents” page, a visitor can download price lists for the main products and other components, full user documentation for heating boilers, and a certificate issued by the CTEC. The “Events” page serves for posting announcements about the closest events — fairs, presentations and business forums which the company will participate in. A visitor interested in purchasing the products can get all the details needed for this by going to the “Contact us” section. Considering the wideness of current and target markets of ThermoGroup BG, we have developed the site in three languages — Russian, English and Bulgarian.


Apart from the development, our team provides the customer with a responsible support, so we are always ready to address emerging problems and receive requests for updating the site, extending it with new pages or functions, and refreshing its design.

As a young and experienced team of professionals, we are continually critical of our job, and we always work on improving our skills to be up to the latest standards of web-development and meet even the most stringent requirements of our clients.


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