“Teplotekhnika” LLC is a leading manufacturer of electric space heating equipment in Ukraine, which was founded in 1994.

Today, “Teplotekhnika” develops and implements mass production of various types of thermal equipment. The assortment of heating equipment with power capacity ranging from 3 to 1000 kW is available in various modifications and complements.

A high level of organization of production process and professional staff members are a reliable platform for the manufacturing of high-quality heating equipment. An imposing experience in the field of manufacturing and developing of the heating equipment along with implementation of the top-grade technological novelties make “Teplotekhnika” LLC a potentially strong and reliable partner.


The complements of leading European manufacturers including WILO, Grundfos, ETI and others are used to create an ideal final product.

All products of the company “Teplotekhnika” are certified according to the established technical standards and parameters necessary for this type of product, by dint of an implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001.

The products have passed tests in the Testing Center and European Certification Ltd. (TSIES). The received certificates confirm the quality and competitiveness of products on the European level.


Guided by the fact, that “Teplotekhnika” is a solid and serious partner, we try our best to create an ideal website for them.

Employing the full potential of our developers, we have created a balanced web resource that combines the attractive interface and rich functionality. Taking into account all the customer’s wishes and necessary feature sets, we, with the help of such tools as Magento, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, have developed a site with a clear and simple navigation system, pop-up dialogs, news feed, and other goodies. The information subdivisions are compiled in separate blocks and categories for web users to feel no fatigue while surfing the resource. We have also created a special division for the social network sites references, where the guests of “Teplotekhnika” web resource can find additional information.

The final product has turned out attractive to an eye and user-friendly.


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Our team tries their best to avoid possible problems related to the functional side of the website and to solve all the emerging problems within the shortest possible time in order to ensure satisfaction to each and every partner with the quality of services provided. We monitor and support the web site all along the partnership period and in case of a necessity, involve additional professionals in order to solve the appeared problem in a matter of time.

We are open to suggestions, so the customer can make allowances and changes to enhance and improve the product.


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