████████ █████ is the famous company producing women's shoes. They sell their goods both offline and online using the website, which we have made.


We have been collaborating with ████████ █████ for more than two years. First of all, we have created a website for them. We have used CMS Magento, which has proven itself to be both reliable and convenient. We have applied a wide range of technologies to make the website run like clockwork. These include Backend: Magento, PHP Frontend: HTML, CSS, jQuery. We have also taken into account all the preferences and requirements of the staff members of the company in order to make the website meet all their needs. As a result, we have got a website, which looks lovely and operates properly. It is easy to navigate due to a convenient menu, which comprises all the essential sections. All the goods are grouped, so it does not take much time to find the shoes you need. We have also added such sections as Reviews, Our Blog and Press in order to provide potential customers of the company with additional information on the goods offered. The users of the website can also create accounts to purchase shoes in an easier way. Besides, they can track their orders, indicate multiple addresses, use My Cart and enjoy a number of other useful functions. Sure, there is the opportunity to share the posts you like in the social media. Since we realize the crucial role of the customers` feedback, we have equipped the website with the corresponding function. The users can ask questions and express their opinions using a convenient form. Besides, they can leave general reviews of the services or goods the company offers, as well as pass remarks about particular models. They can rate shoes and upload images. So, the reviews left are comprehensive and informative enough. One can say for sure that this website meets the needs of even the most demanding users.


In addition to the creation of a website, we have been providing ████████ █████ with technical support for two years. We have taken a number of steps to ensure the high position of the website in search results, which has contributed to its traffic and has resulted in the significant increase in income. Due to the fact that we have been carefully selecting content for the website, it looks attractive and provides customers with relevant information only. As for the safety issues, we have been protecting the website against fraud attempts and viruses throughout the whole period of partnership. No doubt, this website is characterized by the highest quality. As a result, the number of its users is constantly increasing, which ensures the high income of the company.

In order to provide the business with the proper services, we had worked out a comprehensive plan of activities and have been sticking to it while working on this project. When necessary, we have involved additional specialists in the process. We have made every effort to prevent potential difficulties related to the operation of the website and to solve all the problems appearing as quickly as possible in order to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the quality of services provided. Sure, we have been constantly monitoring the operation of the website throughout the whole period of partnership and have been taking steps to improve it.

To sum up, we have been providing ████████ █████ with quality and comprehensive services and have made every effort to ensure that both the employees and the customers of this company are pleased with the operation of the website. No doubt, it has contributed to the successful development of this business.


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