██████ is a French company specialized in facility management and food services, one of the largest corporations in the world, a member of the Fortune Global 500 list. As of 2011, it has more than 30,000 sites in 80 countries where there are over 400,000 employees serve 75 million consumers daily.

The company was founded in 1966. Initially, they served company restaurants, schools and health institutions. Today, they work closely with government agencies, military bases, education institutions from elementary schools through universities, assisted living residences, detention facilities, private corporations.


The ██████ offerings include food services, such like meal delivery, staff restaurants, executive dining, catering, vending, and a wide range of facility management services including cleaning, laundry, groundskeeping, concierge, reception, vendor management, waste management, equipment maintenance, and up to project management.

In 2015, a consolidated revenue of the corporation reached 19.8 billion euros, with an operating profit of over 1.14 billion euros. Revenues by region had represented 41% in Europe, 41% in USA and Canada, 9% in Latin America, and 9% in Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, and elsewhere.


When we received an order for developing a restaurant management software for this corporation, we approached this task with full responsibility and professionalism. We were asked to create a single-page application for managing restaurants and delivery areas that will have a backoffice part for managing posts, comments, discounts and objects, and a RGLM part (Regional Geo Location Management) for displaying and managing restaurants, companies and delivery areas on the map.

In order to make a simple, user-friendly and fast-loading interface, we have utilized a wide range of auxiliary libraries and technologies in the project, such as Angular.js, Grunt.js, Bower.js, SASS and Google Maps API.


Angular.js v1.3.8 — a framework that is used specifically for developing single-page applications — helped us obtain high speed of user interface rendering and flexible structure of the program to enable its quick and fast extending with new components.

By using Grunt.js and Bower.js tools, we improved consistency of task running processes and managing software packages, while SASS language helped us essentially speed up development of the user interface. Lastly, for greater reliability of the program, we have utilized RESTful API models in the development process.

As a result, our team has created an easy-to-use tool that provides the customer with all the required functionality and can be easily enhanced with new elements if needed.


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