ONMED is internet service (available web-site and mobile application), using ONMED you can get useful information, consultation from specialist at any time, at any place.

Important! Service ONMED offer to clients only consultation. You shouldn't use service if you need emergency medicine, or medicine diagnostics, hospital treatable etc. ONMED is service where patients can get competent consultation from professionals.


Main idea of system - to help patients getting profession consultation about there health issue. We created two modules:

  • Constructor - provides an opportunity to choose a specialist
  • Online consultation

This way users can easily find particular specialist and get help online.

Technical info

We are trying to use the most relevant technologies. So we have:

  • RESTful API server based on Laravel PHP framework
  • Onepage app based on Angular.js 2

Such structure gives us high flexibility and great foundation for building mobile app in future.

In this project we use a lot of cool stuff: automated API documentation, unit tests, various builders and composers.

Current status and future plans

For now we are in state of pre-alpha. Base logic and backbone of whole thing is done.

Next steps:

  • Work on UX/UI
  • Promotion
  • Connecting doctors to our system (already have some)

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