The Car2Go company is the popular firm, that specializes in providing the traveling car service with the vehicles, reserved for their customers, placed in the different parking lots in the area of Gush Dan. The provided cars are available 24/7 hours for the office and home users.

The site represents the rich possibilities for its customers in the car lending, user registration, service payments, and other supporting options. It fulfills the organizational requirements, being very adaptive to different platforms, combining the full information integrated into one website and the interesting layout customization for the best designing requirements.

As an expert in this specific area, the company manages to keep up with the most reliable users’ support whether it is the individual or business user. The team manages to keep the most crucial information available up-to-date for their potential customers, so they could know about the car specifics and parking area. They also present the requested information for the potential customers on their demand, making the whole collaboration an interesting and smart action.

To the original feature of the company can be referred the modern approach, that consists of using the mobile car technologies on the market, such as card opening system and the reflected data journal of the traveling. It enables to get the highly interactive quick results about the driving kilometers and the total driving user time.

Officially conducted payment process is easy to get into, concerns the different types of the credit cards: American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Isracard. The service team is very famous for their high level of organization and dedicated professionalism in the high-quality online help.

The company made its name with the help of the international standardizes cars, which can be checked for their availability online, so everyone can feel how easy and user-friendly the built-in system is. Finally, it fulfills the average purposes, which are implemented into it. The direct features of the integrated technical support are crucial for solving the possible emerged problems.


For this particular car service website, we tried to provide the best and the most available features in the sphere of the service and trade, which include the upgradeable data and price elements. The full potential of the customized layout, windows and other context items have been brought up by the developers to get the best values in the stability and interactivity of the interface.

The whole system is characterized by the curious and simple navigation, in the same time being very functional. The possibilities of the mentioned website are eager to bring the same astonishing customer experience for both desktop and mobile platforms, with the help of such browsers as Google Chrome, Safari and Windows phone.

The perfect combination of two language system (Hebrew and English) presents the unproblematic understanding of the supported payment and register requirements, in the very moment giving the ideal choice for the customers, especially for tourists. The suitable integrated option is the car location map that considers all the conditions, allowing to display the available vehicles by the picked up parameters.

The organized system provides the easy access into the service and the total search of the vehicle. The technical information on the website about the simplified returning of the car can be very useful for the drivers. The complete elements’ combination of the site can serve the different purposes, being well separated into the structural blocks and categories, and doesn't distract users while surfing the resources on the website.



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