401kcalcualtor.org is a free web resource destined to help people plan for retirement under the 401(k) plan by providing them with tools and articles needed to do this quickly and without complicated mathematical calculations.

401k Calculator represents a simple and convenient way to get a total value that one will have at retirement on the basis of specified annual contributions. The resource also may be used in a reverse order if a user wants to know how much he needs to save every year in order to get a fixed amount at retirement.

401k Calculator is distinguished from other similar resources by its sensible and user-friendly design, as well as by constant monitoring of the latest news regarding 401(k) retirement plan and regular revising of the algorithms for pension calculation in accordance with 401K contribution limits released annually by IRS.


Considering the specifics of the web resource, namely the need of ensuring maximum accuracy of the data handling processes and clear visual representation of the numerical data, we approached the project with a huge responsibility and utilizing a wide range of web-development instruments.

Our team, guided by the goal of creating an attractive and easy-to-use interface, has used the most relevant jQuery tools, such as Knob — for drawing interactive circle indicators available for editing by the mouse wheel, Flot — for drawing charts clearly demonstrating relations between the annual contributions and accumulated value, and Cufon — for picking up the most readable and solid-looking fonts. We have developed the site on the WordPress platform, while ensuring full layout integration and customization.


By combining efforts of our specialists, we have created the responsive and mobile-friendly web resource that is convenient to use for visitors, and no less easy to edit and maintain for the customer.

We also take seriously our direct responsibilities regarding technical support of the site by prompt and effective solving of emerging problems, so we are always ready to proactively handle the client’s requests, particularly those for updating of the site, extending of its functionality, or refreshing of its design.

As a team of result-oriented web-developers, we aim to do our job with great care and sensitivity to specifics of every project in order to thoroughly explore individual requirements of every customer and offer the most viable, flexible and reliable solutions.


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